Joining a community is a prerequisite for participating in the competition. Each community functions as a battle team.

During the competition, players from the same community will not suffer any harm in the event of collisions.

You have the choice to join a community of your liking or create a new one yourself.

Each player can only be a member of one community.

You can review community information and then apply for membership.

By clicking the "Community Link," you can access the Telegram Group to chat with your friends.

In the "My Contribution" section, you will find a button to exit the community.

Creating a new community will require spending a certain amount of GWC.

When you become a community founder, you will be able to manage your members here. You will have the ability to provide rewards, remove members, and validate new members.

When a player applies to join your community, the decision to accept them will be at your discretion.

After a victory in the competition, the community founder will have the authority to allocate the prize money.

You can distribute the prize money to outstanding members as you see fit.

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