🔖Surround and Kill Techniques

In the game of Snake, how can you successfully encircle and eliminate your opponents? If you have enough confidence in your length, you can directly attempt to surround and eliminate smaller snakes. Speed up and move towards your tail while rapidly closing in on the snakes inside your encirclement before they notice, and you'll have completed the most basic form of encirclement.

However, forming a circle doesn't guarantee victory. The first time you encircle, the space will inevitably be quite large. If the snakes inside don't give up, they may continue to circle with you in the same spot. The next step is to gradually reduce the size of your circle. If you circle too slowly, the radius of your encirclement may increase, and be cautious not to let your head touch the snakes inside.

Note: When you encircle others, be cautious because you can also be encircled by someone else. In this state, you are also bunched up and vulnerable to being encircled by other larger snakes. Therefore, be careful about your own safety when trying to encircle others, and if it becomes too risky, consider letting go.

If, unfortunately, your snake gets encircled by others, don't lose hope; continue to circle and try to move in the direction of the larger snake's head while making the biggest loop.

For the larger snakes, their lives are more valuable. You can also collaborate with your teammates to limit the larger snake's encircling route, forcing it to make a mistake. If you can turn the tables, it can significantly boost your length.

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