🔖TVT Battle Tactics

To achieve victory in competition mode, it's crucial for team players to demonstrate excellent coordination. Here are some strategies:

Vulture Strategy:

In TVT battles, teams are in competition with each other. To start, navigate the battlefield cautiously, observing the interactions between other teams as they engage in combat. Avoid reckless actions and patiently wait for the right moment. If another team makes a mistake and suffers a collision, they will drop many halos. Just like a vulture, seize the opportunity to speed in and collect the rings. Additionally, keep a close eye on your opponents' movements and steer clear of danger.

Pack of Wolves Strategy:

Surviving while going your own way is challenging in competitive mode. It's best to act as a team, with one player primarily responsible for hunting while others provide support and help encircle opponents. The player in charge of the hunting task should be proficient in using acceleration. Supporting players should also synchronize their acceleration to create intense pressure on the opponent.

By implementing these strategies and fostering teamwork, you can increase your chances of success in TVT battles, dominating the competition through coordinated and strategic play.

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