🔖Avoidance Techniques

To successfully evade pursuers, it's essential to lead your opponent to the map's boundaries. There are two scenarios to consider:

  1. You're Forced Against the Wall: When you find yourself cornered, positioned between the enemy and the wall, remain calm. Remember that at this point, you can only move forward or backward, so avoid turning randomly. If your opponent impulsively rushes toward you, quickly switch direction and move 180 degrees backward, causing them to collide with the wall. If your opponent is more composed, you can try the following tactic: suddenly move backward, then move backward again, and repeat this a few times. This can help you successfully escape. Perfect!

  2. Both Snakes are Perpendicular to the Boundary: In this scenario, it's a bit like a game of chicken, seeing who has the guts to turn around last. It's important to note that in the game of Snake, collision with the boundary doesn't necessarily result in death. There's approximately a 0.5 cm margin for collision.

By applying these techniques, you can improve your evasion skills in the game and outmaneuver your opponents effectively.

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