Asset Management

You can view your in-game assets.

Game Points

  • GWC is the native point of the game. It is not a cryptocurrency, and you can obtain it for free.

  • GWC cannot be linked to a blockchain or withdrawn.

  • Owning GWC allows you to access regular game spaces or use it as an entry ticket for competitions.

  • GWC can be utilized for community governance, such as creating communities, upgrading communities, and joining communities.

  • The project team will periodically buyback GWC from players.

Crypto Tokens

  • Some of the cryptocurrencies circulating in the market, such as USDT, USDC, MATIC, DAI, can be used within the game.

  • You can carry equivalent-value crypto tokens to enter more exciting crypto spaces.

  • Crypto tokens are withdrawable; after the game concludes, you can transfer them to your crypto wallet.

When your crypto tokens are insufficient, you need to connect your crypto wallet to top up.

If you run low on GWC, you can watch advertisements to earn GWC for free.

You can withdraw the crypto tokens earned in the game to your crypto wallet.

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