✅Token Diversity

✅Interesting asset flows

✅Exploring Human Nature

No Pledge, No Mining, No Ponzi. More direct, More compliant, More coins.

Greedy World places a stronger emphasis on the essence of competitive gaming itself, the way users earn profits is straightforward. And as for the economic model, ROI, and those head-spinning mathematical equations – they can all just go straight to hell.

You can join or exit the game at any time.

All the cryptocurrencies circulating within the game are sourced entirely from the open market. As a result, there's no need for us to uphold the value of tokens – we've eliminated the original sin!

We believe that cryptocurrency projects should not be confined to the traditional economic model of "Mining-Withdraw-Sell." Greedy World is exploring a more robust, compliant, and sustainable development approach to go further.

The more cryptocurrencies Greedy World supports, the more crypto communities that support us.

When the in-game assets exceed 100+ types, a quantitative shift will trigger a qualitative transformation. You'll come to realize that Greedy World is not just a game; it's gradually evolving into a platform.

In the long term, Greedy World is poised to facilitate the conversion of Web2 users into Web3 users, bringing benefits to the entire cryptocurrency market.

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