Economic model

Game Points (GWC)

GWC is not a cryptocurrency but can only be used within the game. It has the potential to be repurchased and exchanged for tokens.

  • Cannot be deposited

  • Cannot be withdrawn

  • Obtainable for free

  • Collectible in the game

  • Serves as an entry ticket for competitions

  • Usable for community management

Governance Tokens (Unnamed - XXX)

This governance token, issued by Greedy World, grants holders voting rights to participate in defining game assets or new game features.

Game Assets

Entering the game requires bringing equivalent encrypted tokens, essentially serving as your chips. When you win in the game, you can extract tokens to your wallet. As the game evolves, more tokens will be integrated into game assets.

Business Income

If a player is killed in the game, the tokens they brought into the game will drop on the map. You can collect these tokens, and the system will levy a 4% inheritance tax on the tokens you inherit.


The player is always the true master of this game, to prevent manipulation by capitalists, the project team regularly conducts buybacks from players, converting GWC in your gaming account into tokens. This allows smaller investors to gain voting opportunities, representing players to vote for their interests.


Holding governance tokens enables participation in voting to help Greedy World select new game assets from the cryptocurrency market. SOL? DOGE? XRP? ARB? or AVAX... Your vote counts!


Following the rules of the snake game, you must move continuously on the map, with collisions being fatal. While avoiding dangers, you collect tokens, track your opponents ☠️, and plunder their tokens 💰. Find the black hole and leave with your loot before another greedy player targets you.


Entering the game space requires proof of assets; you need to deposit some encrypted tokens into your game account, with a minimum of 1 USDT. The tokens you collect in the game can be withdrawn to your wallet.

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